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Awesome medical health care centre...multispeciality means all type of health problem treated under one roof..

Dipali Shah

Hospital is equipped with modern medical equipments. Good facilities and amenities. Good doctors and management. Neat and clean, give more importance to hygiene..

Hastak Patel

Experience doctor's Good staff supports & good housekeeping services.

divyakant makwana

Advises for the right thing rather than going for more test or direct surgery. Very well maintained and good staff support.

Dishant Patel

Nice for all serjary and all operations doing in sanjay hospital..

Harsh Mistry

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Why non-invasive surgical procedures are better?

Surgery that is done using small incisions (cuts) and few stitches. During minimally invasive surgery, one or more small incisions may be made in the body. A laparoscope (thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing) is inserted through one opening to guide the surgery. Tiny surgical instruments are inserted through other openings to do the surgery. Minimally invasive surgery may cause less pain, scarring, and damage to healthy tissue, and the patient may have a faster recovery than with traditional surgery.

Non-invasive surgical procedures are often preferred over invasive ones for several reasons, including: